Beauty Full Stories with Erin's Faces Podcast

It can be a struggle to live up to beauty standards and sharing our stories helps show that true beauty is more than skin deep. Whether it's our our weight, race, acne, age, hair, or more, it can all make us feel like we don't fit in or that we're not good enough.  The aim of our conversations with women in our podcast (who happen to be our clients!) is to show that none of us are alone - to share how different people have, or are working through, these challenges so that we can all be one step closer to being free of them for good.  Since it's hosted by Erin Williams, founder of the clean beauty brand Erin's Faces, there's some good dish on makeup and skincare too!  


 black woman with red lipstick named Quiana Agbai next to a rose Dr. Serena Chen, a woman with long dark hair wearing a white lab coat with a pin uterus pin and glasses. Stephanie Mero has brown eyes and beautiful brown curly hair. She is wearing a white tube top. woman with grey hair wearing a black hat Woman smiling in a white and navy strapless dress. Woman smiling in gray hat and scarf brunette with rose


      emily borromeo