Should I See Green Beauty as Black & White? Episode 24 with Lisa Fennessy of The New Knew

Our guest today is Lisa Fennessy, an incredible blogger and the founder of The New Knew (formerly This Organic Girl). Erin and Lisa get into the topic of beauty influencers, and discuss the importance of holding fast to integrity when the information you put out there has a huge impact on what people buy and which direction the market ultimately goes.

Lisa shares her philosophy on green products, saying that, while she goes green whenever she can, there should also be room to use synthetic products on the odd occasion, like a bright pink lipstick and that long-lasting foundation when its really hot outside. She is also passionate about making clean beauty more accessible by changing the fact that it is always the most expensive product on the shelf.

After touching on the pros and cons of micro-needling, Erin inquires about Lisa’s obsession with Retinol and asks her to explain how exactly it has improved her skin. The two share how, as they learned more about clean beauty, they became less rigid in their approach and discovered that things are not always as black and white as they once thought.

Our email this week (51:06) is all about the best way to remove your makeup. Erin shares two methods, both of which will leave your skin and lashes in tip-top shape!

Call Outs from the Episode:


 “I really value the facts; I want to know that this is proven. When I find something that works, that’s when I look into it and see what it’s made with.” — @thenewknew [0:10:25]

 “I think this is the way of the future. Big brands want to have their namesake in green beauty. They want representation there because this is where the beauty scene is going.” — @thenewknew [0:16:47]

 “It is easy to pigeonhole yourself into a corner of saying, ‘This is everything that is right and this is everything that is wrong’, but it is not like that. Clean beauty is a very complex issue. It is very situational.” — @thenewknew [0:41:00] 

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