Activity Book for Kids

woman with flowers in hair - front of activity book

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Every time I would go to do a Green Beauty Workshop in a city we would have print outs of our face charts which had our girl with the flower crown.  If there was a child in the house under 10, girl or boy, they would be coloring it at some point during the afternoon/evening.

Back in 2020, in thinking about how we can be of service to our clients (and beyond!) I thought it would be fun to expand on that idea of coloring and create a free activity book that serves our mission statement of empowering and educating.  We very officially partnered with one of our 7 year old clients, Marin, who gave us a lot of great ideas for the book!

We've updated each year, it's all black and white so no colored ink, you can double-side print it and the hope is kids who can read should be self-sufficient on it, hopefully giving you a break for at least a few minutes since they know where their crayons and pencils are.  

Feel free to share the link with anyone, whether they use our products or not!  I hope it's useful!