About Erin

It all started in a 5x10 kitchen in Queens while Audra McDonald serenaded me from my Ipad and my dog, Jasper slept at my feet.
I have always loved beauty - my mother wore lipstick for the carpool and my grandmother had her hair set every week at the beauty parlour.  As I got into high school my skin was ravaged by acne that lasted into my 30's.  It brought with it shame and embarrassment, along with about a million concoctions that I tried in an effort to cure it.  
I had started working as a makeup artist for Urban Decay in NYC in 2000 after moving from Texas to do musical theatre and then started down a major skincare pathway with lines like Philosophy and Awake.  I ended up learning makeup from some of the best in the biz (Elisa Flowers & Mally Roncal) and got on an editorial makeup track.  
In February of 2011  I got home one night after doing NYC's Fashion Week and got honest about how I missed working with regular "non-model" women.  I loved working with those teachers, moms, lawyers, actors, etc. the years that I had spent working at beauty counters and as a trainer for various lines.  That night I prayed for purpose as I felt mine wasn't clear.  And thus, the seed for Erin's Faces was planted.
Back to my kitchen in Queens - that's where I filled and labeled what became Erin's Faces for five years.  It was a one-woman show for most of them and my husband, Daniel, and I ended up moving to New Jersey and bought a house that had an addition so I could have more room for my inventory, which was growing.  I ended up hiring one person, then two, then three and we were a full-fledged situation!  Then in 2019 we moved out of my house into an actual commercial space which was huge.  And scary.  And amazing.
Back when I started the line clean beauty wasn't a thing.  Mineral makeup existed, and I came out with those products, but we were a conventional beauty brand that was a little "cleaner" than what you'd find at a typical department store.  But as I learned more I changed products - first cutting petroleum from our gloss, then cutting chemical SPF from our sunscreens, then sulfates from our cleansers and on and on until we became known as a clean brand!  Every product we launch carries that weight - to have a clean ingredient deck for you but perform just as well as the conventional stuff because, y'all, I've got some high standards!  
My entire purpose, back to that!, is to empower, educate and include women (and the occasional gent!) of all shapes, sizes and shades.  It has to be about more than selling stuff, it has to be about being of service, and that's what Erin's Faces gives me the opportunity to do.  So thanks for coming over :)

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