5 Clean Beauty Must Haves for Fall


My skin gets dehydrated more quickly as the temps drop and so I need exfoliation but I'm not always great at being consistent with it.  Our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel is a time-saver because it does the work of three rounds of a facial scrub all at once.  You can pop cucumbers on your eyes and listen to Enya while doing it (5-15 minutes) OR do what I do which is slather it on, floss and brush my teeth, put my hair up and hop in the shower for a rinse.  

The formula contains both glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids which "unplug" blackheads and dissolve dry, dead skin.  The result is my face feels softer and my lotions and potions can do their job better because I cleared the decks.  And did I mention it literally smells like pumpkin pie?  Because it does and it's wonderful!


Because of aforementioned dehydration I need some extra moisturizing but most of them break me out - it had been a massive challenge until we came out with our Tamanu Oil.  It nourishes my skin, doesn't break me out and my face actually feels SOFT.  I've always had this orange-peel texture, on my forehead and nose especially, and would get flaky in the winter.  This gets rid of all of that for me.  It's also great if my nostrils get dry or my face gets windburned.  This product was a real game-changer for me and is key in cooler weather.


My legs and stomach get super dry in the fall/winter and I'm not patient enough to prance around in my birthday suit covered in Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 😅.  Once I'm in the shower I give myself a good scrub down with our Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub and I feel invigorated and smooth all at the same time.  If I'm really dry I'll do it before I turn the water on - like dry brushing but it smells better - otherwise I just do it on wet skin.  In a pinch I can skip the moisturizer after as this scrub is packed with Organic Sunflower and Coconut Oils but most of the time I follow it up with our - 


I will put it to you this way - my brother, who I think may use Dial soap and doesn't really do skincare as a concept, wrote a glowing review on our website about this product - WROTE A REVIEW!   Our Shea Butter Body Balm seals in hydration, nourishes dry skin and I feel moisturized all day.  Also, I started using the Lavender version on the last tub I got and I don't know why I haven't always used it - we mix the Shea Butter with Lavender Essential Oil and the scent is light but delicious.  


Last but not least, I always get together with girlfriends in the fall and we go leaf peeping and take pictures together.  I don't want something super makeup-y as we're generally hiking in the woods but a good coat of mascara never hurt anyone and it makes your eyes stand out in a photo (and in real life!) so yes please!  Our Matcha Mascara stays put for me, even if I get a little sweaty, and gives me the best lashes I've ever had - separated, long and with a ton of volume.  I love it!


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