Should I Sacrifice My Health for My Business? Episode 19 with Tamar Vezirian


Today’s amazing guest is the Founder and CEO of Gotham Glow in NYC and she's probably tanned your favorite actress - for real. 

Tamar discusses her experiences as an Armenian immigrant, the hustles she made to get her business off the ground, and the beauty standards in American culture that can cause such damage. Tamar and Erin are great friends, and they kick the show off reminiscing about their memories working together in the beauty department of Bergdorf Goodman.  

Tamar shares the story of her childhood years in war-torn Beirut, how her family managed to make the move to the U.S, and some of her first experiences with the new language and culture. We also discuss being an entrepreneur and balancing health with work after Tamar was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.  

Our email today is "can oily people use facial oil?" 

Call Outs from the Episode:

“I would bring my tanning kit with me and put it in security down at Bergdorf’s and then during my lunch break I would just go and bang out a bunch of tans.” — @GothamGlow [0:07:01]

“I don’t like to cover people up, I just like to enhance what they have already.” — @GothamGlow [0:23:39]

“I thought beauty was having blond hair and blue eyes and straight teeth, coming here from the Middle East and then growing up in American culture.” — @GothamGlow [0:32:33]

“It pisses me off, like if I haven’t seen someone and I go and I see an auntie or whatever and they are like, ‘Oh, you have gained weight,’ and it’s like, ‘You don’t know anything about my life.’” — @GothamGlow [0:36:316]

“In New York, there are so many people with so much money. And we don’t come from that, so we have to work ten times harder.” — @GothamGlow [0:46:18]

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