Should I Hate My Gray Hair? Episode 25 with Lisa Fennessy of This Organic Girl (Part 2)


Today, Erin continues her discussion with Lisa Fennessy, founder of The New Knew (formerly This Organic Girl), and the conversation turns more personal, with Lisa sharing her decision to go gray with her hair and fighting the feeling that she doesn’t fit in because of how tall she is. 

When the thought of going gray first occurred to her, Lisa had found concerns popped up. She wondered what people might say and think and struggled with her own limiting beliefs about what it meant to stop dying your hair. But after after starting her journey to gray she has almost exclusively received positive comments from her audience (and random people on the street) since then. She has gone from hating her hair to loving it and getting heaps of compliments. Lisa also shares how she reminds herself of the strength her body has instead of judging her size. 

Our email today (22:34) is about what to do if you break out but struggle with dry skin. You might be surprised to learn that the secret is a very special oil!

Call Outs from the Episode:


“I went from absolutely hating my hair to absolutely loving my hair.” — @thenewknew [0:10:26]

“Your habits and your daily whatever you are doing really does change the way you look .” — @thenewknew [0:19:26]

“Tamanu Oil literally changed my skin and I could use it and it did not break me out.  @erinsfaces [0:25:38] 

Come have fun with us!

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  • Erin's Faces

    Joanne – great question! Lisa did a blog post for us all about this – – and has has her amazing FB group where this is a constant discussion –

  • JoAnne Stapf

    How do I go grey without looking like I have a grey streak on top of my head. I have long dark brown hair

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