Should My Size Determine My Self Worth? Episode 30 with Jessica Myhr Reich

What do you love about your body? If you are struggling to find an answer, you are not alone! Today's guest, Jessica Myhr Reich of Inherent Style, is not your typical stylist as she couples empathy with her ability to meet clients exactly where they are.  For her, clothes are a form of expression, and she wants her clients to shine from the inside out.  

In this episode, Jessica delves into body image issues and how we can use celebration rather than judgment to lift ourselves up. We talk about clothing, why mass-produced garments can make us feel terrible, and the need to move past size as an indicator of health.  She understands that weight can fluctuate because of circumstances outside of our control.  We talk about two of these situations – fertility treatment and divorce – which Jessica has experienced personally, and how this affected the way she viewed herself. Her vulnerability and desire to get her clients to show up authentically is truly admirable, so tune in to hear it all!

Our email this week (55:44) is about whether you can use your concealer as foundation. Spoiler alert: you totally can! In fact, you can use whatever is in your makeup bag however you want. While it may not work the best it can, you don’t need anyone’s permission to use products in a way that makes sense for you.

Call Outs from the Episode: 


“I’m not a typical stylist. I really work with people’s authenticity and their personal branding to create a visual story.”— Jessica Myhr Reich [0:05:10]

“Our society and culture is very much about "we are broken, we need something to fix ourselves." We have this narrative that is living inside of us that we have to do something, as opposed to celebrating who we are and what we have.”— Jessica Myhr Reich [0:11:32]

“When I’m working with a client, what I’m really trying to do is to help them find that light again. How can they shine and show up and feel like it’s ok?”— Jessica Myhr Reich [0:39:22]

“I feel wardrobe has to be who you are right now.”— Jessica Myhr Reich [0:52:49]

“If you actually walked out the door and said, ‘I am. I am enough,’ how would your life have changed?”— Jessica Myhr Reich [0:53:55]

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The most common body image issues Jessica sees her clients struggling with.
  • Expectation versus reality: Hear some statistics around idealized body types.
  • Store-bought clothes aren’t always made for real bodies, so they make us feel bad about ourselves.
  • The size-based health metrics we use are outdated and not accurate at all!
  • Insights into why our society has become so obsessed with thinness.
  • Jessica’s struggles with body image and how she feels looking at old photos of herself.
  • There are so many circumstances that affect our bodies that are often out of our control.
  • The unrealistic body and beauty standards prevalent in the entertainment industry.
  • Why Jessica sympathizes with young people today who have to grow up with social media.
  • The other side of social media: creating connection and finding supportive communities.
  • How fertility treatments have changed Jessica’s body and the deeper sense of empathy she feels for her clients.
  • We’ve been conditioned into criticizing rather than celebrating what we love about ourselves.
  • The importance of being careful when we critique our bodies around other people.
  • Jessica’s experience with divorce and how it impacts identity and self-worth.
  • What helped Jessica move forward after her divorce and how she encourages her clients to do the same.
  • What Jessica would tell her 18-year-old self about self-worth.

Come have fun with us!

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