Should I Take Up Less Space? Episode 39 with Shanna Tyler

Few people radiate sunshine and light the way today’s guest, Shanna Tyler, does. Not only is Shanna an incredible woman, but she is also a brand and business coach for mission-driven entrepreneurs and the CEO of Confused to Curated, a branding school that helps business owners build the best, most purposeful brands they can. In today’s episode, Shanna shares her journey with us. Due to the nature of the content, we have placed a trigger warning on this episode [TW: suicidal ideation which we discuss between [0:14:50] and [0:16:33]]. 

We hear about how she went from leading a life that looked good on paper but left her unfulfilled to moving forward with purpose and passion. Shanna shares the trials and tribulations of building a business and gives us insights into what it has taken to get hers off the ground. 

We also talk about the wellness space, where Shanna worked for some time, the lack of representation, and why brands are losing out by not spending time and money investing in Black women, who would be willing customers if they felt heard and represented. Shanna discusses her passion for brand-building and how she built her brand that she was able to leverage into a full-time business. Shanna shares that she has struggled with claiming her space and owning her brilliance, but as she has grown older, she is consciously stepping into who she was always meant to be, and is thriving! 

Our email this week (47:50) answers the question what order you should be applying your skincare products? This is a question we get often, and while there is some wiggle room, there are some non-negotiables in every routine. Tune in to find out what your morning and nighttime skincare routine should include.  

Call Outs from the Episode: 


“It is so important for brands to come and step correctly.” — Shanna Tyler [0:31:11]

“Black women don’t spend because you’re not talking to Black women, you’re not investing any time in Black women. And quite frankly, when you look at the numbers, just from a business perspective, Black women are the highest paying in the beauty industry.” — Shanna Tyler [0:33:17] 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The diagnosis that changed Shanna’s life and helped her align with her calling.
  • What led Shanna to become a coach for mission-driven entrepreneurs.
  • The various factors that led to Shanna checking into an outpatient clinic [0:14:50] – [0:16:33] [TW: suicidal ideation].
  • How being the only Black woman at her company put a lot of pressure on Shanna.
  • The moment that opened Shanna’s eyes to just how disconnected she was.
  • Some of the hiccups Shanna faced building her business and how she overcame them.
  • How Shanna frames her fees and makes sure she adds value for her clients.
  • In Shanna's opinion, brands and coaches are often not adding enough value to get clients to pay their fees.
  • Shanna’s experience as a wellness influencer and the lack of representation in the space.
  • The frustration Shanna felt at not seeing people who look like her at wellness events and communities.
  • The importance of working with brands that align with your values.
  • How Shanna would feel if a brand was honest about their previous diversity mistakes.
  • Debunking the myth that Black women do not drive spending.
  • What inclusivity in the beauty space means for Shanna; all the different touchpoints.
  • The words Shanna would say to her 18-year-old self about self-image and self-love.
  • What being enough looks like for Shanna at 30 years old.

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