Should I Try to Prove Myself to You? Episode 15 with Rosalynn Glover

This episode can just as well be titled “Self-help for Erin 101” because it is everything she (and everybody else!) needs to hear. Rosalynn Glover is one of the most glamorous-looking ladies you will meet, yet, with three older brothers, she has learned to fend for herself and claim what is hers unapologetically. Her parents instilled in her the belief and confidence that she did not need to be someone else, so she moves through life not feeling the need to apologize for everything – like many of us do. While Rosalynn is responsible for our Facebook ads, today she geeks out with Erin about hair, skincare, and nails, and get into topics like her relationship with food, being raised in the South, and why she feels her self-assurance can be intimidating to other women. She also talks about why she studied at a predominantly white institution (PWI) rather than a historically Black college or university (HBCU), why it is important to be intentional about not only the life you want but the person you want to show up as, and how she learned to give herself some grace when it comes to diets and losing weight. 

Our email today (50:30) is all about why double cleansing is a thing, who it's right for and what the point is.

Call Outs from the Episode:

“My dad always encouraged me to speak up. And he probably regretted that through my high school years because I’m the type of person, I’ll call anybody out, I don’t care if you are family or anything. I will call you out if I feel that you need to be called out.” — Rosalynn Glover [0:16:49]

“I think every Black girl can write a full book about their journey with their hair.” — Rosalynn Glover [0:20:29]

“One thing I’ve noticed throughout life is that the confidence that I have in myself intimidates others.” — Rosalynn Glover [0:34:02] 

“I know everyone has different backgrounds, has different upbringings, and everyone has trauma. I am 100% aware of that and I find beauty in trauma, I find beauty in working through trauma. I find beauty in people having flaws and I think if you see someone who is a flawed person and they still decide to love themselves in spite of, then that can bring up feelings of inadequacy.” — Rosalynn Glover [0:38:33]

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