Should I Only Use Big Beauty Brands? Espisode 7 with Andie Meidell

My guest this week is Andie Meidell, a metallurgical engineer and mom who loves having fun with makeup! We’ll discuss her dedication to supporting indie women-owned brands, products you shouldn’t use while pregnant, and how she overcame negative comments about her weight on her journey to a healthy relationship with food.

Our 2 emails (1:02:00) this week are on whether the sunscreen in foundation is enough (spoiler it’s NOT 😜) and what products to use for a baby with cradle cap (after talking to your doctor!)

Call Outs from the Episode:
Dr Pepper Lip Balm (it’s still around!)
Kjaer Weiss
FitGlow Beauty
Stark Skincare
Osmia Craft Series
Erin’s blog post "Am I Too Heavy to Run a Beauty Company?"
Beneath Your Mask
The Lip Bar
15% Pledge
Erin's Faces Lavender Baby Castile Wash
Erin's Faces Tamanu Oil

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