Should I Have Kids to Make My Cab Driver Happy? Episode 23 with Merrady Wickes


Today’s guest is Merrady Wickes who is the Brand Director at Crème Collective.  In this episode, we cover how Society tells us as women that our worth is attached to our physical appearance. So, what is our value then if we strip away those outward symbols of beauty? How can we find our  goodness in a way that does not use looks as a starting point?

Merrady's playful approach to makeup is inspiring, and while it has always been something fun in her life, Merrady candidly shares how it has been a crutch at various times. Now, at a stage where she feels freer, less judgmental of herself and others, she is back to finding the joy in makeup once again. 

As someone Erin admires for their introspection and self-reflectivity, we hear more about how Merrady has questioned her ideas of beauty having been raised in a family that was vocal in their judgments. Another set of questions Merrady has found herself confronting is around her worth as a child-free woman in a world that expects women to be mothers. Although her struggles with infertility forced her hand in choosing this path, she has done some serious work to understand her programmed beliefs that she needed to become a mother to feel fulfilled. We talk about how society claims ownership of women’s bodies, the line of questioning she faces when people find out she is child-free, and why we should all stop wasting our time with worrying about how we look.   

Our email today (1:02:42) is about what the difference between physical and chemical exfoliants. Be sure to tune in to find out more how these different products work and which one might be best suited for you and your needs.

Call Outs from the Episode:


 “The way that I view beauty, it’s been a full paradigm shift from when I was young to now. 100 percent.” — Merrady Wickes [0:29:07]

 “The things that we are really concerned about, people aren’t looking at them, 99 percent of the time. And if they are, screw them.” — Merrady Wickes [0:41:51]

 “I think that unfortunately, even in the year 2020 and living in Los Angeles, that a lot of women’s importance in life is tied to motherhood and procreating.” — Merrady Wickes [0:52:02]

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