Should I Buy "Clean" Products Out of Fear? Episode 38 with Molly Hill

Molly Hill of the clean living blog, Maison Pur, shares the knowledge she has gained through her extensive research so that people can use information rather than fear to make decisions about which products to buy. 

Molly also shares how battling malaria  led her to the world of clean living and how being pregnant heightened her awareness around the products she was using. Throughout the conversation, Molly shares some of her favorite goodies, including her must-have household cleaners, skincare, and makeup products. 

Our email this week (49:56) is about stretch marks, specifically on pregnant bellies.

Call Outs from the Episode: 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The challenge that comes with educating people about harmful ingredients without fear-mongering.
  • Why Molly thinks that some content creators and brands use a fear-driven marketing strategy.
  • The other side of the coin: the beauty of smaller, intentional brands in the space.
  • A health struggle with malaria that brought Molly to the world of clean living.
  • How being pregnant heightened Molly’s awareness of ingredients in products she used.
  • The power of taking the first step, no matter how small, because you will never know everything.
  • Molly’s favorite natural cleaning, baby, and hair care products.
  • The conventional beauty standards Molly aspired to and how she has let them go over time.
  • How mainstream beauty companies perpetuate consumerism.
  • Get creative about your consumption; there is no hard and fast rule.
  • Molly’s approach to fashion and her favorite thrift stores.
  • Oftentimes products that you are good for you are also good for the earth and therefore sustainable.
  • How marketers use greenwashing to sell harmful products.
  • Molly’s holistic view of sustainability and how it informs what she buys.
  • Rapid-fire round with Molly: skincare and makeup must-haves.
  • What Molly would tell her 19-year-old about self-image and beauty.


“I am big on research and knowledge. I think that making decisions based out of knowledge and information rather than based on fear are always key.” — Molly Hill [0:07:29]

“It’s a journey and each step, you learn a little bit more and you do a little bit better.” — Molly Hill [0:18:22]

“What’s good for me is good for the earth, and what’s good for the earth is good for me.” — Molly Hill [0:34:59]

As I’ve gotten into my later 30s, I feel more confident in my own skin and more ok with who I am. I would not want to change.” — Molly Hill [0:46:10]

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