Should I Trust Feelings Over God? Episode 33 with Kolby Koloff

Growing up in the public eye is challenging, and it is something today’s guest, Kolby Koloff, has experienced firsthand. As a pastor’s daughter and reality tv show star, Kolby had many people watching her every move. This pressure had an immense impact on her and the way she viewed herself. In this episode, the speaker and singer/songwriter opens up about her insecurities and fears and the immense amount of work she has done to work through them. 

We talk about Kolby's parent’s divorce and the long-standing effects the split had on her. From struggling with the fear of rejection to not wanting to commit to a relationship, the wounds ran deep. We hear about her relationship with her fiancé, Andrew, and how it has pushed her to grow and confront what she had long been running away from. Our conversation also touches on seeing yourself through God’s eyes, how this can increase your level of self-worth, and the power of releasing limitations and trusting your faith. 

Our email question this week (47:26) is what is the best way to apply foundation?  

Call Outs from the Episode: 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Kolby's Panamanian heritage has played a part in her life.
  • The effect that Kolby’s parent’s divorce had on her and when the reality of the split hit home.
  • Difficulty Kolby had, as a Christian, processing her parents' choice to get divorced.
  • How Kolby’s fear of commitment almost derailed her relationship with her now fiancé.
  • The solo trip Kolby took to Europe that allowed her to gain clarity.
  • The story of how Andrew proposed to Kolby and the confidence she feels having found her partner.
  • Insecurities and judgment Kolby felt around her aspirations of being a wife and mom.
  • Feminism should be about women having a choice, not invalidating their decisions.
  • The impact that being in the public eye and a pastor’s daughter had on Kolby.
  • How growing in faith helped Kolby overcome her insecurities.
  • The power that Kolby has gained leaning into God’s teaching and wisdom.


 “Two dull knives don’t sharpen each other.” — Kolby Koloff [0:22:35]

“Tomorrow is literally a new, fresh morning, and I can trust that I will receive everything I need for that day to get through.” — Kolby Koloff [0:44:35] 

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