Should I Weigh Less In Order to Run a Beauty Company? Episode 31 with Erin


A year ago, Erin published her article, ‘Am I Too Heavy to Run a Beauty Company?’ After her internal battle with shame following her weight gain, she decided that enough was enough, and she needed to share what was in her heart. Although it made her feel vulnerable, the overwhelmingly positive response to her piece showed her it was the right thing to do. Hearing the stories of those who reached out inspired Erin to start this podcast(!) as she wanted to shine a light on other women's stories so people could hear their truths shared as well.

Tune in to hear Erin read her article and share her reflections on the year that followed. 

Call Outs from the Episode: 


“I’ve held a lot of shame in gaining weight. Like a lot. And, it made me feel like I was less worthy.”— @erinsfaces [0:04:02] 

“My story made women feel seen and it made them feel heard.”— @erinsfaces [0:10:21}

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