Should I Apologize for My Emotions? Episode 20 with Bri Braggs

In this episode, Erin welcomes Bri Braggs, another fabulous female brand founder, on the show! Fertile Alchemy is a personal care company that produces the most enchanting oils, bath salts, and balms that promotes relaxation, emotional wellness and hormonal balance. 

Erin and Bri get into a real conversation about self-care, women’s cycles, and having a baby the day before the pandemic was announced. She shares her unique perspective on balance, why she feels women should plan their productivity around their cycles, and why, despite the popular beliefs about female emotions, we make excellent leaders of organizations and countries.

Bri also gets honest about the realities facing Black women and men in the US, what their mothers go through and how she plans to prepare her son for the American society we see today.

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 Our email today (53:24) is about how to recycle your Matcha Mascara – packaging, tube, and wand. Be sure to tune in to learn how your old wands can be used as tiny hair brushes for squirrels and other small animals! 

Call Outs from the Episode:

“Cutting off my relaxed hair was so freeing and liberating and I felt for the first time that my hair wasn’t attached to my beauty.” — @BriBraggs [0:20:10]

 “My son is six months old and he was born at the start of the pandemic, so I don’t have much me-time. But over the past three months, I’ve started taking that beauty time as my me-time and it feels so good.” — @BriBraggs [0:22:27] 

 “Sometimes certain things are going to get more attention than others and that is the balance rather than me trying to divide my time into equal portions. That is not realistic.” — @BriBraggs [0:27:52] 

 “I always recommend my clients to learn how to live with their cycle and work around their cycle because you can be so much more productive because you are not working against yourself.” — @BriBraggs [0:34:30] 

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