Should I Be Striving for Balance? Episode 16 with Angelique Velez

CEO & Founder of Breakups to Makeup, NYC lady Angelique Velez joins us on the show today to talk about life as an entrepreneur, mom and makeup artist.  Erin talks to Angelique about her journey starting at makeup counters and later moving on to TV and celebrities. As a Puerto Rican - Cuban curvy woman, Angelique gets candid about her body-image struggles as a young girl and, more recently, after giving birth.  She and Erin share their views on the opposing opinions that emerged after Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl performance and what the two sides of the argument suggest about our society’s perceptions of women’s bodies and the clothes they choose to wear.  They also discuss the prevalence of insecurities among the beautiful and why “balance” is unrealistic as a mom and entrepreneur.  

Our email today (50:59) is "should I wear sunscreen in the fall/winter?" , so stay tuned till the end!    

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“Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten comfortable with my body by talking about it and talking to other people and realizing that we are all our own worst critics. We all judge ourselves and our own bodies, so we are all doing it to ourselves.” — @breakups2makeup [0:09:36]

“Most people are extremely insecure. Most people feel as though they are not good enough; they feel like they are not beautiful enough; like they are not pretty at all — I would say probably 85% of the people who sit in my chair.” — @breakups2makeup [0:17:39]

“The makeup counter is like your boot camp. Starting in retail is literally boot camp because if you can handle the faces of everyday women, then you can absolutely do the Victoria Secret models.”  — @breakups2makeup [0:27:13] 

“That is my purpose with Breakups to Makeup and a lot of the programs that I am running. I want young women and women, in general, to feel better in their skin and to feel as though they are enough — because you are! And everything that is quirky and ‘crazy’ about you, that is what makes you unique; that’s what makes you stand out; that’s what makes you who you are, so you need to start embracing those things.” — @breakups2makeup [0:49:07]

“UVA and UVB rays are still happening, no matter what time of year it is.” — @erinsfaces [0:53:39] 

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