46. Should I Keep Quiet About Pregnancy Loss? with Katherine Phifer

Katherine Phifer is a psychotherapist and life coach who works with female leaders to help them run their businesses from a place of grounded soul AND own the power that they were born with.  And she likes sparkles a lot so Erin is in! 

In this episode, we hear about Katherine’s journey and her unique view on leadership. After seeing the sacrifices that so many people make when they are in high level roles, and she shares why she believes we don’t have to give anything up to get to where we want to be. We talk about the importance of establishing boundaries to protect ourselves and ensure we are not drained by interactions.

Katherine also bravely opens up about her pregnancy loss, where we hear about her angel daughter and the value she brought to Katherine and her family’s life. As the show wraps up, Katherine talks about managing her Crohn’s disease and what she has learned about taking better care of herself in the process.  

Our email this week (44:26) is about why we decided to use glass for so many of our products. Erin shares the story of how she came to use this packaging and why it is a decision that she is now so happy with.

Call Outs from the Episode: 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why Katherine does not believe we have to make sacrifices in order to be leaders.
  • What women leaders could be doing differently; letting go of the idea we need to be perfect.
  • How to deal with relationships where we feel judged and weighed down by expectations.
  • The value of setting boundaries around what we are ready to engage with.
  • The story of Katherine’s angel girl, the daughter she lost when she was six months pregnant.
  • Difficulties Katherine faced when her daughter passed on.
  • What helped Katherine work through her grief best; it has taken time.
  • The role Katherine feels her angel daughter has played in her life.
  • Katherine’s Crohn’s disease diagnosis and how this impacted her.
  • The journey Katherine went on to learn how to heal her body through food and stress management.
  • How losing so much weight at the height of her disease affected Katherine.
  • The advice Katherine would give her 18-year-old self about self-love and body image.


“I’m of the mindset that you don’t have to sacrifice anything, that you don’t have to give up something in order to be a leader.” — @katherinephifer [0:07:40]

“My appearance and my self-image was always wrapped up in my anxiety about life, anxiety about how life was going to work out, and my appearance was wrapped up in that.” — @katherinephifer [0:41:48]

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