Should I Feel Ashamed That I Can't Get Pregnant? Episode 18 with Lisa Yaeger

Today on the podcast we have Lisa Yaeger, the first-ever client at Erin’s Faces from back in 2011! We talk about her journey with infertility into adoption, getting into their decision-making processes, how they picked an adoption agency, and learning that there are many paths to parenthood. 

After a great deal of emotional and financial investment, Lisa and her husband decided to stop fertility treatment and to consider the possibility of adoption, a process that has added two beautiful boys to their lives.  Lisa gets candid about suffering an early miscarriage, being told that her uterine wall was scarred, choosing an agency that aligned with their values, and why it is so important to educate yourself as an adoptive parent, especially if your child is from a different ethnic background than you or your partner. 

Becoming a parent virtually overnight is an exciting event, and Lisa shares how she and her husband responded to and bonded with their sons when they first arrived, what kind of connection they have to the birthmothers, and how they have initiated the conversations about adoption with their sons. 

Our email today (40:10) is about what to do (other than using a body moisturizer) about dry skin in the winter. Erin and Josey give you all the details on body scrubs, butters, and balms to restore your perfect glow! 

Call Outs from the Episode:


“Honestly, when the doctor told me that we were done and that we shouldn’t do it, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulder. I was just so relieved.” — Lisa Yaeger [0:14:04]

“Be kind to yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff.” — Lisa  Yaeger [0:38:52] 

“If you want to have a family, there are so many ways to do it.” — Lisa Yaeger [0:39:58] 

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