47. Should the Loudest Voice Hold the Most Sway? with Lorece Shaw

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We're taking the summer off so we're relishing in our last episode of the spring! Lorece Shaw is a pharmacist from Houston, TX who is passionate about science and clean products, and in today’s episode, she shares her love for these two worlds with us. We talk about how she found her way into the world of green beauty, and she reflects on current thinking in the space. Fear-mongering has become increasingly prevalent, and while it is important to educate people about harmful ingredients, Lorece argues against using fear and shame as selling tactics. She also talks about inclusivity in clean beauty and highlights the fact that many ingredients that have risen in popularity have their origins in BIPOC communities. Our conversation also touches on some simple swaps you can make right now, why Lorece believes in taking back the clean beauty space, and what it means to create a truly inclusive green beauty industry. You don’t want to miss it!

Our email this week (47:20) is about whether you should use a serum or SPF in the morning if you only have time to do one step. 

Call Outs from the Episode: 


“If we just be more slow and intentional about what we’re using and why, I think we can arrive at a better place somewhere in the middle.” — Lorece Shaw [0:21:45]

 “I think that the best approach would be to focus on the positives of what the person and the brand offers, as opposed to framing it as a ‘Don’t use this, don’t do that.’ Or, ‘my products don’t have this.’ I think perhaps a better way to frame that is, ‘Hey, look at what’s in my products. Look at what I do have. Look at what these ingredients can offer.’’” — Lorece Shaw [0:25:10]

 “You cannot discredit how anyone’s experiencing the world.” — Lorece Shaw [0:41:50]

 Come have fun with us!
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