Episode 48 - Surviving A Mass Shooting with Gratitude with Whitney Austin

We're back for Season 2 with our first guest, Whitney Austin!  Whitney is the Executive Director of the Nonprofit, Whitney Strong which focusing on reducing gun violence across the country.  She has a passion for this because she was shot multiple times during a mass shooting.  She shares the story with us, how she pulled through it and how beauty ties in to her messaging.  The pillars of her recovery are gratitude and hope.

In Erin’s Faces news we launched a new Fruit Smoothie Lip Gloss this week!  The shade is called Starbright and it’s a cool toned berry shimmer.  If you haven’t tried our glosses before they’re awesome – they’re made with organic ingredients, have glass packaging for easy recycling and aren’t sticky - honest!

If you’d like to pick one up, or anything else on the site!, you can use the discount code BEAUTYFULLSTORIES, at erinsfaces.com for 10% off your order.  

We’re starting a new series with Josey where we’re walking through our top 8 products and answering client questions about them – today is our Rose Quench Serum

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