53. Redefining Beauty with Tara Jarrett

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This episode is really fun because our guest, Tara Jarrett, and I both have some epiphanies during our conversation and we get really jazzed about it!  Tara is in real estate development where she literally creates communities and she also has a beauty community through her blog, Her Natural Way and her Instagram account.  

Tara and I discussed a topic we’re both passionate about – redefining beauty – what does it mean and how can we feel more beautiful?  Does it come from the perfect cream or lipstick or is it deeper than that?  Spoiler alert – yes, it is deeper than that.  She shares how a month of not wearing any makeup to work changed her life and how her new chapter in her mid 30’s is causing her to do some soul searching.  

Our discussion with Josey today is about our Peptide SPF 30, #3 on our countdown of our top products.  We talk about why sunscreen is important, how ours came to be and why it’s such a top-seller.  Also – it’s game time for SPF as a concept so if you haven’t picked one up, whether it’s ours or someone else’s, please get on it!

The discussion Tara and I had encompasses so much of what I believe about the concept of beauty – it’s SO. GOOD.  I hope that you love it!

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