Should I Allow My Partner to Dim My Light? Episode 26 with Thomasina Gross

Our guest today is Thomasina Gross, a TV, film, and Broadway actor to talk about her experiences as a Black woman in the entertainment industry, from being told that her thighs were too thick to be a ballerina to being cast as the white girl’s stereotypical sassy best friend. 

Thomasina shares how, while she has her parents to thank for her positive attitude, they taught her to know her place as a Black person ever since she started walking and talking, coaching her on staying out of trouble and not letting anyone feel uncomfortable or threatened. 

The conversation turns to the topic of ambition, and Thomasina talks about the double-edged sword of walking into a casting audition as a Black woman, suggesting what people can do to keep opening up more opportunities for people of color in the world of entertainment. 

Listeners will also hear Thomasina share about her divorce and the hard process of getting out of an abusive relationship. She talks candidly about the red flags that she tried to ignore at first, how the abusive behavior escalated, and how she managed to work through her feelings of shame. 

Our email today (51:53) is all about how you can help your dry skin in the winter. Erin gives two game-changing tips for upping your face and body hydration levels to keep your skin looking dewy all through the winter!  

Call Outs from the Episode:


 “Don’t ignore the differences; they need to be celebrated.” — @thommigross [0:13:32]

 “If you are already tired, imagine the world for a person of color. This is my everyday. So, if you are already tired, imagine how I felt my entire life.” — @thommigross [0:30:53] 

 “I knew that, no matter what happened, if I leaped I would be caught by my family and my friends.” — @thommigross [0:38:26]

 “No one can do you better than you can.” — @thommigross [0:49:18]

Come have fun with us!

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  • Erin's Faces

    Julia – isn’t Thomasina’s hair beautiful?! Agreed!

  • Erin's Faces

    Julia – isn’t Thomasina’s hair beautiful?! Agreed!

  • julia

    Well, you explained it quite well and I love your curly hair. Thnks

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