Should I Choose Money Over Happiness? Episode 21 with Jamie Lewis


Our guest this week is Jamie Lewis, who, as an esthetician, professional makeup artist, and skincare influencer, does a bunch of beauty stuff.

In this episode, she opens up to Erin about not having kids and what it means, what it was like saying goodbye to a solid career to embrace her passion for beauty, and which clean beauty brands she can’t live without. The two get into the representation of different body shapes, sizes, and skin tones in the beauty industry.  

After reflecting on her transition from corporate finance to beauty, Jamie talks about how she made it through the first six months after quitting her job, what she did to educate herself in the makeup department, how she got interested in skincare, and what she did to stay afloat during the most stringent pandemic restrictions. She and Erin uncover the sometimes nebulous concepts of ‘clean’, ‘organic’, and ‘medical-grade’ skincare, talking about the impossibility of establishing a standard everyone agrees on and sharing some of their favorite clean beauty products. Don’t miss out on another inspiring episode with Erin and her guest!

Our email today (47:07) is about the best apps for checking how clean or dirty your products are . While not everything is cut and dry when it comes to clean beauty, these resources will provide you with some great guidelines for making greener purchasing decisions. Stay tuned!

Call Outs from the Episode:


“There are so many kids out there that deserve loving homes and I know I can give one to one of them. And I think that is what will work better for me.” — @jmelee1221 [0:11:34]

“Money is important, don’t get me wrong, but it is not everything. I feel like your happiness is more important than money.” — @jmelee1221 [0:15:03]

“It is 2020; about to be 2021. The average size of an American female is between 14 and 16. Why do some brands stop at extra-large?” — @jmelee1221 [0:30:49]

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just embrace life and just go with it. You don’t always have to have a plan.” — @jmelee1221 [0:46:29] 

Come have fun with us!

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