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I LOVE a survey y'all and a bunch of you took ours last week (thank you for that!) - We read every single one and here's what we learned:

FREE SHIPPING - Nearly everyone would like it :) - you waxed poetic about it, wrote songs, wrote sonnets and we hear you. We hope to have an update for you soon.  

CONTACT-LESS PICKUP - Local ladies would like it and we do it!  You can choose it during checkout.  Any issues just reach out to us.

LOYALTY PROGRAM - you'd like one that gives things like birthday discounts which we support so I'll circle back on this.  We do have a referral program right now where if someone purchases from your link you get paid back in Erin's Faces credit in the form of a discount code.

VIDEOS - you're into them - thanks for watching :)

67% of you would like us to keep the Cleansing Gel for Hands with Alcohol in the line permanently - as such that is the plan going forward!

58% of you are interested in new and improved makeup brushes in the fall so we'll probably move forward with the ones we have companion items for.

We asked about packaging for our Peptide SPF 30 and Mineral Foundation/Sheer Tint and you were split so we're going to see what we can do and circle back.

18% of you would like a brown mascara option.

19% of you said recyclable components are a must for when it comes to beauty products.  72% of you said it's a bonus. We are continuing in this direction as much as possible.

7% of you are vegan.

56% of you are into a fragrance-free lip balm option! 

We asked what product you would like us to carry that we don't currently have and we got lots of fun requests (haircare, retinol, bringing shadows/blushes back to name a few).  I'm going to spend some time on the requests we got for things that we do indeed have now as each one had multiple asks for it:


TONER - our Rosewater Tonic works beautifully as a toner and balances skin


FACE MOISTURIZER W/ SPF - our Peptide SPF 30 acts as a lightweight moisturizer, anti-aging serum and physical SPF all-in-one

SPF STICK FOR FACE - we do this!


VEGAN MOISTURIZER - we have three!  Extreme Moisture Balm, Tamanu Oil and Argan Oil

ACNE SPOT TREATMENT - our Clarifying Green Clay Mask as an overnight spot treatment will dry things up without drying you out - it's a must for me

FACE SCRUB - our Antioxidant Facial Polish will buff everything away for you

SPF LIP BALM - our Sunstick SPF 30 works beautifully for this

LIP SCRUB - we have it in Peppermint and Valencia Orange


BB/CC CREAM/TINTED MOISTURIZER - we have it!  Our Mineral Sheer Tint ticks all of the boxes

SHEER TINT W/YELLOW UNDERTONES - all of the Mineral Sheer Tints have warm or yellow undertones so this should work 

CONCEALER - oh girl, we got you - Radiant Firming Concealer

EYELINER THAT DOESN'T SMUDGE - we have two and both stay put really well - Cream Eyeliner in a pot and the Liquid Liner in a pen


BRONZER - our Mineral Bronzer in Sunkissed is great for warming up 

HIGHLIGHTER - Magic Dust and Fairy Dust - you will glow for the gods

LASH/BROW SERUM - we got you

MAKEUP REMOVER - our Micellar Water Cleansing Makeup Remover is fab.  For waterproof we reach for our Gentle Milk Cleanser


BAR SOAP/SHAMPOO/SHAVE - our Handcrafted Soaps are bar soaps that are ideal for use as a normal bar of soap, a shampoo bar and even a shave bar for men or women

BODY/FOOT SCRUB - we make three!  Peppermint, Chocolate and Lemongrass

BODY WASH - we have three of these too :)!  Lavender, Monoi Tiare (flowery) and Lumberjack (sage/spearmint)

BODY OIL - three is the magic number apparently *lol* - we have Monoi Tiare, Argan and Tamanu, all of which I use on my body

STRETCH MARK OIL - try the Tamanu Oil per this study

BODY SPF - check out our Mineral SPF 32 

BODY SPRAY - I use our Aromatherapy Sprays as body sprays as they're based with Organic Aloe Vera gel - they're cooling and smell lovely

BUG SPRAY - our Deet-Free Mosquito & Tick Repellent is a fan fave

BABY/KIDS STUFF - we've got sunscreens, bug spray, body wash and moisturizers that are all baby and kid friendly


ROOM SPRAY - our Aromatherapy Sprays are made with essential oils and were created to function as a room spray

We also asked how we could serve you better and these are some things that came up that we can answer right now:

BUNDLES FOR SAVINGS - every gift set (skincare or body) gives you savings :)!

PRODUCTS AREN'T SEALED - HAVE THEY BEEN USED?  The short answer is no.  Longer answer - normally tamper resistant seals make sense as multiple hands will hold your products - a factory warehouse, then a store, potentially other clients, a rep, etc.  With us we make it, we shelve it and we ship it directly to you so we don't go beyond our jars being sealed (and that's honestly to prevent leaks in transit).  Your products have never been used before they get to you - they are made and immediately put on our shelf and then pulled for orders.

OFFER SAMPLES/TRAVEL SIZES - we do!  We have samples or travel sizes of nearly every skincare item avail as well as all of the makeup complexion items on our site

VIDEOS OF SKINCARE LINE - we do this too :) - we have a video on each product page of every skincare item we make (and some body).  You can view them all easily on our Youtube page

GIFT CARDS - BEING ABLE TO USE MORE THAN ONE AT A TIME - you can do this now!  You used to not be able to but now you can

 And then there are things that we won't have for a while or are just not in our wheelhouse:

CBD PRODUCTS - this gets into treatment of pain which isn't where we sit so CBD isn't a world we'll be stepping into 

EYESHADOW/BLUSH - here's the truth - in order to do it the way I would want to do it it would cost us more than our budget would allow.  We're no longer partners with the lab we had worked with for the Mineral Eyeshadows and Blushes that we've carried in the past.  It doesn't mean that we'll never have them but it does mean that we won't have them in the near future.  I cried about it!  But I've let it go for now and am excited to see what we do when we can add it back in in the future.

LIPSTICK/LIP GLOSS - we have them now but they'll be exiting in the next year for the same reason as above.  Growing pains stink.  We will be keeping all of the lip balms - tinted and clear.

NAIL POLISH - we probably won't be coming out with this as I don't wear it so it's not something I'm passionate about.  That said, most people are and we rec Honeybee Gardens for it as theirs is clean and performs beautifully!


  • BObbi KImble

    The synopsis of your survey was very informative and helpful! I enjoyed your thorough and honest responses to questions that gave me more insight to your products and products for the future. Thank you for
    providing skin and makeup products that are clean and truly work!

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