Should I Encourage My Child To "Fit In"? with Nicole Paloma Sarro

In Episode 42 of Beauty Full Stories, we talk with Nicole Paloma Sarro, actress and operations manager, about the challenges of being a parent in the pandemic.  Nicole shares how she is showing up differently for her daughter, Paloma, during this time. We hear about how Nicole has marched to the beat of her own drum her whole life and the deep sense of self-love she has always been able to access. While she still experiences insecurity, she simply does not try to be anything other than who she is. 

We touch on parenting messaging and the tough conversations Nicole has had to have with her in-laws about the way she raises her daughter. Generational parenting styles vary so much, it can be hard!  Nicole wants to instill independence, open-mindedness, and free-thinking in her daughter. It is not easy helping someone navigate this world, and the way Nicole has chosen to raise her daughter is inspiring!

Our email this week (45:40) is about whether you should buy a new SPF this spring if you have one from last season. We hear why it is best not to reuse old SPF and get a fresh one instead. Remember, SPF is not only for warmer months; you should be wearing it year-round.

Call Outs from the Episode: 


“It’s not easy to be a human being during this time, and it’s exceptionally challenging to be a parent right now.” — Nicole Sarro [0:06:25]

“For the last couple of months, I’ve had to just show up, as a mother, as a person, a constant in Paloma’s life more than ever in the last six years and to take time to connect with her.” — Nicole Sarro [0:15:04]

“For now, the antidote has been to level up as a person, as a mom, as Paloma’s safe place. And I feel honored and grateful to do that, but damn, it’s exhausting.” — Nicole Sarro [0:40:47]

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