Post-Summer Skincare

You had fun in the sun this summer but now your skin needs a little TLC - we've got you!  

Challenge: My skin feels peeling paint

If you are dealing with Fixer-Upper level skin (chippy paint, get it 😂?) we need some serious support and, to me, that comes in three steps:

  • exfoliation

  • water based hydration

  • sealed in with oil

Exfoliating clears the decks and helps get rid of the dry dead skin that is hanging on for dear life but, did we mention?, it's dead!  It's got to go.  But we want to be gentle in this case so I'd reach for something with a manual exfoliant that's gentle but effective.  Our Antioxidant Facial Polish will do the trick with its Olive and Bamboo Powders.  

Next we want a heavy-duty face cream that'll deliver on hydration.  Our Extreme Moisture Balm has an Organic Aloe Juice base instead of water (but we like that more anyhow!) along with Organic Shea Butter and Organic Jojoba Seed Oil.  They combine to give a decadent texture that hydrates and sinks into skin.

The icing on the cake is a facial oil and for you I'd rec our Argan Oil.  Its function here is to seal in moisture.  All of the goodness in the Extreme Moisture Balm will get covered in oil and pushed into your skin without letting it escape and evaporate into the air.  AND Argan Oil is great for dry skin as it's rich in fatty acids so it really delivers on that front.  Could you use it alone?  Could you use the heavy moisturizer alone?  You totally could but when we're in dire straights the combo makes an impact the most quickly in my experience (coupled with exfoliating).  

Challenge: I'm crazy red from heat & sun

First we need to cool you down so no more hot water on your face - cool temps only right now.  For my red ladies (hello, you are my people), here's the key steps:

  • Aloe Vera cold pack

  • Tamanu Oil

Here's what you do:  grab a clean tube of aloe vera gel from your natural grocery store.  Pop it in the fridge.  Once it's cool apply to clean dry skin but use a LOT - like it's a mask.  Leave it on for 15 min or so.  Your skin may soak it all in, it may not.  If it does, great!  If not, rinse it off with cold water or tissue it off. You're force feeding lightweight gentle hydration that won't break most folks out.

Then we're going to top it with an oil because oils trap all that hydration and packs it into your skin.  Our Tamanu Oil is perfection for this because it is great at soothing irritated skin and also gives an additional layer of hydration.

This combo is also excellent if you have a straight up sunburn as well and you can do it on any body part - arms, legs, tummy, you name it.

Challenge:  All of my sunspots are showing up like crazy

You know what I'm going to say but I also have other suggestions too:

  • Vitamin C

  • Daily SPF

  • Retinol

Vitamin C is an excellent defender against the free radicals that cause our skin to break down over time and it also is a brightener.  I'm a fan of mixing in Vitamin C powder so you can control your situation as it can also be really irritating so I vote for something like True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster.

Cue the broken record but daily SPF is imperative for preventing new hyperpigmentation from gracing you with its presence.  90% of aging is due to sun damage according to the EPA.  90%!!!!  Our Peptide SPF 30 for Face is a triple threat - you get your sunscreen, your serum and your moisturizer all in one.  "But it's fall, summer's over" you may think.  If the sun is shining and hyperpigmentation is a concern put the sunscreen on Tina!

Then at night think about incorporating a retinol as they really do have a positive effect on the skin.  If you want something non-prescription I have two faves:  Marie Veronique's Gentle Retinol Night Serum "was developed to provide the same effects as a prescription product (0.05 to .1% Retin-A) without the irritation and questionable preservatives".  It's ideal for sensitive folks.  The other product I recommend is Maya Chia's The Straight A which also employs Vitamins C & E and is very strong and effective.  Retinols require pairing with a daily SPF.

Your skin will be a-okay, sometimes we just have to give her a little extra attention!

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