4 Spring Cleaning Beauty Tips

Spring cleaning can feel like a chore but if you set aside a few minutes it'll set you up for the rest of the season AND it's a nice thing to do for yourself!

messy drawer of beauty products


Did you have that lip gloss in college and it's coming up on your 20th reunion?  It needs to go.  Are you buying the same champagne eyeshadow over and over and you now have six of them?  Pick two and pitch (or gift to a family member) the rest.  Did the eye serum you bought dry up or a moisturizer smell funky now because you haven't seen them in over a year?  Say goodbye!  We have a whole post on Expiration Dates but basically dry stuff (pressed/loose powders) is 3 years and wet stuff (skincare/cream/liquid makeup) is 1 year.  Yes, really.  So get rid of the stuff you can't use that's taking up space.  


Your bathroom sink is now covered in things you want to keep - yay!  But they may look a little dingy.  Give them a soap and water bath (or paper towel and alcohol spray for your items you don't want to get wet) and dry them off so they're happy and clean.  If you use plastic/wood trays give those a cleaning too.  Brushes could probably benefit from a bath so check the quick video above for a speedy brush cleaning tutorial.  You can even hit your makeup bags - knock out the debris that builds up in there and if they're lined in plastic you can wipe them down.  If cloth you could probably wash them on gentle and line dry.  And, if you're gilding the lily here, spray/wipe down your tweezers/nail clippers/scissors with alcohol and clean them off because when's the last time you did that?

extreme moisture balm



Create a little space in a drawer/shelf under your sink where you can put your heavier winter skincare and pull out your lighter formulas that are more ideal for warmer weather.  You can always grab it if you need it but that way it's not taking up space.

woman with checklist of beauty products she wants to buy


Are there things you need to pick up?  Mascara expires every three months so that might be one.  Are you stocked up on SPF?  You ideally want one for your face and one for your body (lips would be a bonus!).  Do you want to get a summery bronzer?  Are you flipping from foundation to tinted moisturizer for lighter weight coverage?  Concerned about oily skin in hot weather and need to pick up a clay mask?  This is the time to make a list - when you're not emotional and easily swayed by fun colors at Sephora or a particularly persuasive sales lady at Macy's (and I was one of those so I speak from experience 😂).  

I promise it's worth the time to go through everything - you'll feel so much better!


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