4 Beauty Resolutions to Start Right Now

I don't know about committing to eating only spinach and spending 3 hours in the gym every day but here are some New Year's resolutions I can get behind:


We show age around our eyes first because the skin is super thin and also has a lot of movement with our expressions.  Blanket statement - if you're over 30 I support grabbing an eye cream, if you're under 30 (and combo/oily) you can do an eye gel (if under and 30 and dry go with an eye cream).  You can keep it on your nightstand to help you remember to add it into your routine (you don't even have to get out of bed to apply!).  

Eye creams do the heavy lifting and you want to use them for sure at night.  Our Peptide Eye Cream addresses wrinkles, fine lines, elasticity - you name it - with Hexapeptide-11, Mediterranean Pine and Sea Fennel Extract.  It's creamy, medium weight and melts into skin. Eye gels are lighter and wear well under makeup.  Our Firming Eye Gel focuses on cooling and soothing with Organic Aloe Vera and Cucumber Seed Extract, smells delicious, and is lightweight.  

2. Tossing the Applicators & investing in some brushes

Real talk - you're a grown up.  If you're investing in makeup please oh please do not hang on to those tiny sponge tipped applicators or mini blush brushes that may come in your compact.  I know - "they're convenient", "they're great for travel", "but it came with it so that's what I have to use".  Please release these notions!  You have to be a magician to get your makeup to look good with those things so toss them or bequeath them to a child under 12 in your life to play dress up with.

In terms of brush hair I'm a fan of synthetic fibers as they're softer than most natural bristles, folks tend to break out less with them and you can clean them with dish soap.  We've got four + a set - Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Double Concealer Brush and an Eyeliner Brush and I spent months working with our brushmaker to get the perfect shape for each one.  They are SO MUCH NICER than the throw aways, I promise!

3. Wearing a daily SPF

Ponder this - 90% of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation/sun spots, loss of elasticity) is due to sun damage.  90%!!  And that's not even getting into all the challenges that can come with skin cancer should that unfold.  Do you have to wear SPF in the winter?  Yes.  Even if it's raining?  Generally, yes - you can look at the UV index if you're feeling resistant.  This post talks all about sunscreen as a concept.  

If you're wanting a sunscreen that is your SPF + a lightweight moisturizer + rejuvenating serum all-in-one our Peptide SPF 30 is perfection!  It's a physical SPF (Zinc & Titanium Dioxide) with an Organic Aloe base and Matrixyl 3000 which is clinically proven to lessen wrinkles.  

4. eat organic

Everything you put on your beautiful kisser gets ingested into your tummy.  So if you'd rather opt for organic goodies over petrolatum make sure to read the ingredient deck on your lippies.  Our lip balms (clear & tinted) are made with organic ingredients and I love having one in each purse.  Our Fruit Smoothie Lip Glosses are made with organic strawberries and come in glass tubes - they're about as clean as it gets, come in beautiful shades and aren't sticky!

Happy resolving!


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