What's Your Favorite Feature? with Andie

Our Life Lessons campaign has women answering questions about self worth in an effort to bring more positivity to social media and the world in general.  

So often we're sent the message that we're not enough - we’re never thin enough, pretty enough, our hair isn’t what it should be, our skin isn’t what it should be.  All of these “shoulds” and not being enough.  It’s a lot to wade through and hard to get past. 

It's also why we want to hear the answers to these questions - "when do you feel most beautiful?", "what's your favorite feature", and "what would you tell your 18 year old self about beauty?"  Stay tuned each week for a new answer!

Metallurgical Engineer, Andie Meidell, is wearing our:

To hear Andie's episode "Should I Only Use Big Beauty Brands" from our Beauty Full Stories with Erin's Faces podcast click HERE.

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