Gratitude for Your Patience

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our wonderful team & just a few of your orders

"It's going to take how long?" I sighed as I realized we weren't going to have our Radiant Firming Concealers for months.  I was ordering ingredients and the usual lead times of 2-3 weeks were now at 4-6 months.  It was May and we had just sold out of one of our shades of concealer.  It doesn't sound that serious, but when you can't sell one of your top-selling products, it stinks - for you and for your clients.  

We ran out of two more shades.  Panic.  

I had ordered an ingredient, made by a French company who is the only one in the world who makes it!, back in May and it finally came in, early!, in September - we're ready to roll!!  But then another ingredient tacked on three additional months of lead time. 

More panic.  "We aren't going to have them for Black Friday.  People are going to get fed up.  People already are fed up, and I don't blame them" went the voice in my head.

Two months passed and we got the only ingredient we were waiting on - this is possible!  We can do it!!  

Then someone at the lab got COVID which pushed everything back by two weeks.  It wasn't going to happen. 

More panic.  Two weeks passed.  I got a bee in my bonnet and showed up at the lab nearly every day the week before Black Friday, approving samples in person to save time, trying to help in whatever way I could.  

vat of white cream with stirrer

at the lab after approving the batch's texture, before the colors got mixed

They were able to get two colors done in time and then I went and picked the third one up this week, though we offered it during our sale and said it would ship late.  To say it has been dramatic is an understatement!

BUT, when the sale started, it was your turn.  And you showed up.  And you showed up big.  You had waited so patiently for this little product and the glee you shared about being able to get it in the DMs and emails and FB comments we saw was palpable!  You were so excited and so was I!!  And you bought other goodies too!

woman and dog with bags of packages

Jasper was very busy!

Your support of our small company means the world to me - honest to goodness.  You are what drives me to do my best - because, even if I haven't met you, I care about you so much.  And I'm so grateful for you.  

So thank you for helping us - whether it's by stocking up on your faves during our sale this past weekend, giving a "like" on Instagram, gathering gifts to send to friends and family from our line, or just by reading this post - you mean a lot to me and I will continue to make the best products I know how for you.  Thank you so much.  

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  • Erin's Faces

    Caroline – I absolutely remember you and your daughters!! You were all so patient and kind. Thank you so much for taking the time to write here and for your longstanding support ♥️

    Tamar – yes! Thank you so much!

    Becky – oh my goodness, thank you so much! I’m so grateful you found us too and yes to this connection – it’s my favorite part of Erin’s Faces :)

    Sara – thank you so much – that’s so lovely of you to say!

    Breana – I totally get it lady! Thank you so much for coming back to us now that we have it again – grateful for you!!

    Nancy – thank you so much! I so appreciate that incredible compliment.

    Daniel – thank you sweets – love you bunches

  • Caroline Hall

    Dear Erin,
    You may not remember me, but I met you through Susan Irby probably 8ish years ago at your relatives’ home in Avondale Estates, GA. I brought my girls with me, Chloe and Erin, and we were the only ones there. You were so kind and helpful to all of us – from showing me a better color/technique for my eyes and eyebrows to helping my girls with their troubled teenaged skin. I appreciate the quality and integrity that you bring to Erin’s Faces. I wish you all the very best personally and professionally in the coming years! Merry Christmas!

  • Tamar Vezirian

    Was wondering how your black Friday went! So happy to hear it was successful!

  • Becky

    I’m so happy to have been referred to your company in a random mom’s group on Facebook many years ago. I love your products (because they are awesome quality and I know the love that goes into them) and I love the connection I’m able to have with you, your team and your brand through various channels like this. It’s very special and I’m thankful for your wonderful business!

  • Sara

    You make incredible products! And your customer service is awesome. Thank you

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