The Good & The Bad (Mostly Good!) - Our Year in Review

Our wonderful team!  L to R - Erika, Rorye, Erin, June, Kendall & Morgan

Oh y'all, it has been a YEAR!  2019 was honestly the hardest year yet for me with Erin's Faces due to moving three times, which I don't recommend if you can avoid it, but I loved getting to prepare for this email as I was reminded that there was SO MUCH GOOD going on.  Every time we would be packing up for a new location it was so clear that the women on my team have an incredible work ethic, put so much love into everything they do and that, to me, there was a divine plan going on through the whole thing.  So here's our year in review :) - ​​​​​​​


In January we moved to our first official retail space outside of my house!  We were so excited as we invested in beautifying the space and making it a home.  Meanwhile, my friend JT,  who does hair at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, got our products to the makeup artists there and so Erin's Faces was happening on set with various guests!  I also got to be a interviewed on a number of podcasts in 2019 which I loved and the first one was Where Brains Meet Beauty, one of the leaders in the beauty podcasting space, with Jodi Katz where we filled bottles of Monoi Tiare Oil together so that was really fun!


 Next came our Virtual Green Beauty Workshops which were a TON of fun as we got to reach so many more people than we could in one person's living room - we got amazing feedback on them which was great as it was a totally new format us.  I also got to be a part of Athleta's Womenspired Series were I was interviewed by Bri Alexander who is DELIGHTFUL and a leader in body positivity.  And then we launched a passion project of mine, our Greeting Cards!  It's so fun to include a handwritten notecard with gifts that you all have shipped around the country and I think they're so pretty too :).


Summer came along and with it came some of my favorite moments:  leading the pack was being featured in The Magnolia Journal and having our Mineral SPF 32 for Body listed as one of Joanna Gaines' Favorite Things - I lost my mind!  Speaking of sunscreen, we offered a free Sunscreen 101 Masterclass (you know I love some sunscreen education!).  We finally got to open our space to the public after a 5-month-long fire alarm installation and also launched our Lumberjack Face Wash and Face Lotion!


Midsummer was tough as it became exceedingly clear that we had to move again due to leaks and flooding and so we were able to get a temp lease for 3 months in the next town over - to say it was an incredible working out is an understatement.  The Certificate of Occupancy that had taken us 5 months to get in the first space happened in 24 hours at the second - it was incredible.  I also got to go to Texas for Rachel Hollis' RISE Conference and while there got in my annual visit to one of my fave people, Courtney Kahla, and surprise one of our clients, Sunny - it was so fun!  I also got to go and see The Cher Show on Broadway which starred Teal Wicks and Alena Watters who I have named lipsticks after!  They were, of course, AMAZING!


Then came the moment we'd all been waiting for!  We finally launched our Radiant Firming Concealers!  And you ladies loved them which made me so incredibly happy!


In the Fall we created and shared our Skincare How-To Videos - we get asked lots of questions on application and usage for skincare items so I asked my BFF Josey and her husband Matt to help us make some videos to show how everything works.  My lovely friend Sherri let us use her bathrooms and I pulled in some friends to model for us :).  


Next we launched our new Pumpkin Spice Handcrafted Soap which was a hit!  October 1 we moved for the last time to a beautifully renovated space that we'll be in for at least the next three years - our experience here as been the total opposite to our first location and I'm grateful every day for the provision.  We had our biggest holiday season yet and have added so many wonderful new people to our fold.


I was talking with a friend of mine at the end of the year and she said "I bought your Foundation Brush four years ago but I never use it because I don't know how".  As a result I recorded videos for most of our key makeup items and made quick video how-tos that we now send to our clients after they've bought them - I want you to use your goodies!  ​​​​​​​


What will come in the new year???  Stay tuned this spring for an item we haven't carried ever in our 8 1/2 years - mascara!!!  I'm wearing it in this before/after, am obsessed with the formula and am so excited to share it with you!  

Thanks so much for all of your support and, if you're new here, welcome to the group - you're surrounded by some pretty awesome folks who have been with us for a while! 



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    Thank you Rusty! Your daughter is a large part of what keeps me sane :)

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    Interested article. Keep up the great work.

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