Why Did We Jump on the Alcohol Hand Cleaning Bandwagon?


I thought really long and hard before we came out with our Cleansing Hand Gel for Hands with Alcohol.  People brought the concept of it to me early in the game of the Coronoavirus and I said no because I didn't want to profit from fear - it felt icky to me and I wasn't interested.  Also you could buy rinse-free hand cleaners from people who I loved like Kosmatology.  I still said no when everyone was sold out because you could make them yourselves at home.  But then the ingredients to do that sold out too.  And then it shifted from feeding fear to meeting a need and being of service which I can get behind.  I polled my Green Beauty Gathering FB group and asked if it would be useful for us to make one available.  They overwhelmingly said yes so I was in.  

We already make an alcohol-based hand situation for our team to use around the office but if we were going to make it for YOU we had to elevate it.  And having spoken with MANY alcohol manufacturers in the last two weeks I can tell you that not everyone is doing the same - folks are buying alcohol left and right, regardless of quality, regardless of grade, to put it into a product to sell it.  We went with the highest grade of Ethyl Alcohol you can get (ACS - American Chemical Society - Reagent Grade) which is acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use and can be used for ACS applications or for general procedures that require stringent quality specifications and a purity of ≥95%.  

We then added in Organic Aloe Vera which means that, generally speaking, hands are softer and not stripped from use.  Next came Organic Gotu Kola, Wild Geranium, Organic Dandelion which all act to repair skin.  And because I'd like you to have a pleasant experience in total we scented it with Lavender Essential Oil so it smells dreamy!  

We're limiting it to 5 pieces per order in an effort to be able to help as many families as we can.  I hope it helps you!  You can grab it HERE.


  • Rhonda Cleland

    I missed it again! Are you going to have hand sanitizer again soon?
    I keep missing it when you let us know it’s back in stock.Is there anyway to text me instead of emailing me?Thank you.

  • Nancy

    Hello, will other scents be available in the future? Thanks

  • Erin's Faces

    Lori, Leah and Ann – I’m so sorry – we literally made hundreds of them and they sold out in 10 minutes which was completely unexpected. The best place to get notifications is in our FB Group – Erin’s Faces Green Beauty Gathering – https://www.facebook.com/groups/erinsfacesgreenbeautygathering/ – and, of course, on our email list. We are waiting on a shipment of alcohol that was held up but if it arrives we’re hoping to have another batch later this week.

    Dennifer – amazing! Thank you so much for that – I appreciate it!!

  • LOri WHarton

    I’m bummed that you are sold out. Will you please let me know when you have more sanitizer in stock? Thanks.

  • Leah A. Van Driest

    Already sold out, and I JUST got the email….disappointed….

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