Video Conference Makeup How-To

I've been getting a LOT of questions on how to do super simple makeup for Zoom videos/video conferences during this time of quarantine.  This is about as simple as I can get - and I promise if I didn't talk so much you could get this face done in about 3 minutes.

I've also had some questions on what kind of set up to do for video conferences so that's what the second video is about.  

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!



  • Bets

    Thank you, Erin for your cheerful, practical tips! I love Aurora and need to use it more often. Inspired now. And I love that you apologized for the can of coconut cream for misnaming it.

  • Anne

    When will the mascara be released?

  • Navida Stein

    Loved this. Have 2 Zoom conferences today. Did everything you say in video! I look good & natural! Except I did no color on lips, just your peppermint lip balm – cause I have very red lips already! Thanks, plus you made me laugh!

  • Lori

    That was refreshing and fun! The bidet… OMG. Too cute!

  • Ann Arvia

    Could you possibly be more charming & adorable? Thanks for kicking off a
    Zoom-y day!

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