Tamanu - A Super Hero Oil

Short story - ourTamanu Oil is fantastic for all skin types - normal, oily, acne-prone (yep!), sundamaged, even eczema.  It's a totally organic, virgin, cold-pressed oil and is known for being full of antioxidants as well as for being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  All the anti's.  The good ones anyhow :).
Longer story - I've been doing makeup for nearly 20 years now and sometimes I would get a client with the softest skin.  I'd always relish the moment because soft skin = good makeup but, more importantly, because my skin has never been soft.  Maybe at birth but I think it lasted a week and then it was over.  The oil kicked in and I always have some sort of texture going on.  Living in the Northeast also adds to this in the winter as my skin has started to get dry in cold weather - but nothing worked for me as everything broke me out!  Not anything we had, not anything anyone else had.  I was getting frustrated and dried out and it was no good.
So I started researching ingredients that would be a good fit for my skin.  Tamanu Oil kept coming up so I got a sample and fell. in. love.  My skin was SOFT (like those clients I've had!) and hydrated and I didn't break out at all.  Like at ALL.  But I thought, "this could just be me, I have to check in with other people too."  So I sent it to clients last winter/spring who were having the same issues I was.  Here's what they said which made me feel like this wasn't going to just be for me:
And then another sent me this before/after and testimonial:
"I reached out to Erin when I was struggling with a major breakout of perioral dermatitis.  She immediately knew what product to recommend for me.  The Tamanu Oil reduced the inflammation within one week of using it and left my skin with not ONE scar.  The area stayed hydrated and I enjoyed the fresh earthy smell!  Besides helping the inflamed area, it gave me my confidence back.  which for me, meant more than anything!" 

What?!  I know!  I was in.  
It does have a nutty/grassy fragrance to it which took me a minute to get used to but I did not care once I realized what my skin could be like when using it!
Legend goes that a French nun is credited with having first brought it over to the West around 1900 when she was working with patients suffering from leprosy (what?!) and then a French doctor is said to have used it in 1918 with a patient who had gangrene who was scheduled for amputation - after regularly using Tamanu Oil drenched dressings she got to keep her leg!  This stuff is nuts.  Literally actually, as it's from the Tamanu Nut!  In a recent study Calophyllum Inophyllum, aka Tamanu Oil, was tested for its wound-healing abilities and antimicrobial properties and it was concluded to be an alternative therapeutic option to treat infected wounds.  Which is SO SERIOUS!

In my opinion it's best for skintypes that fall under the normal/combo and oily/breakout prone headers.  If you're dry I would go with our Argan Oil.  However, if you have eczema, a rash, a bite, I'd go with the Tamanu.  
So, if all of that sounds good check it out HERE for more specifics and if you pick one up please let me know what you think!

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