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Did you know October is National Women’s Small Business Month? Go ladies!  The focus and support of female-led businesses is especially important this year as COVID has significantly impacted women in the work place and many have had to step away from their jobs to care for children and family members. Some have even coined this challenging time as the first “female recession”.
Because we are major fans of women-founded businesses over here, we’ve partnered with some of our favorite woman-owned brands in the beauty world and are sharing some of our favorite goodies - here we go!
Okay!  So we don't have blush anymore - alas! - but Honeybee Gardens does and their Complexion Perfection Blushes are SO PRETTY!!  I have a personal affinity to the shade Tryst but they're all beautiful - great payoff, wears well and doesn't break me out.  They're also vegan (hard to do with pink things) and contain Maracuja Oil which nourishes skin.  I'm super into them and am a major proponent of pink wintery cheeks in colder months so I think everyone should have one (or three!).  

Kosmatology's Foaming Hand Soaps are my favorite - literally - of any hand wash on the block.  They're synthetic-fragrance free and instead use essential oils so they smell DELISH - Grapefruit, Lemon, Lavender - any of them - they're all so yummy.  They don't leave your hands dried out (key during COVID) AND they sell refills which means less plastic as a concept.  These are such a practical easy gift for anyone on your list.  

I am always up for an oil-based body balm and the vegan Berry + Olive Barrier Balm from Pleni Naturals feels so lovely on your skin.  It's dermatologist and allergy tested so you can feel safe using it on yourself or little ones and it's full of amazing oils!  You've got California-grown Olive Oil and then Raspberry and Cranberry for the fruity portion.  I also really like the size - it's very portable and easy to keep in your purse/diaper bag for on-the-go situations.  

Okay, so Fertile Alchemy's Aromatic Oil was created for hormonal balance and fertility and that is wonderful but y'all, it smells SO. GOOD.  I literally just put a drop under my nose and am a happy camper.  That's not what you're supposed to do *lol* but it certainly doesn't hurt.  It's infused with Moonstone and is made with Frankincense, Geranium and Clary Sage - get on board.  It's great.  

On my wishlist is Laguna Herbal's Tranquil Black Lava Bath Salt - they use actual Black Lava Salt - which just makes me feel fancy and exotic - that has been infused with Activated Charcoal - hello detox!  It also has Patchouli and Mint added as a therapeutic blend.  I just feel like this would be perfect when you really want to clean your system up!

I wish I had before and after pictures but picture a cream colored slip covered couch that hadn't been washed in a few...ahem...years.  And a dog loves this couch.  A lot.  I was convinced we'd need to get a new couch, or at least a new slip cover, and then I tried Molly's Suds Oxygen Whitener and folks, it looked BRAND NEW - no joke!  We did all of the soaking things and scrubbed like the dickens but it totally worked and we didn't need bleach or crazy chemicals to get it done.  So yeah, I'm a big fan of this bag and it smells sooo citrusy and lovely from Lemon Essential Oil.

If I want to calm it down and relax during my bath I reach for Tuore's Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak in Rose & Hibiscus - it literally smells like a fresh garden rose and looks so pretty in the tub.  Himalayan Pink Salt is paired with Rose Hip and Hibiscus Powders + real roses.  I feel all melty and lovely when I get out of the bath.

Soo many teeth whitening situations are terrible for you and mess up your gum line amongst having general ingredient issues.  Dr. Brite is great line to check out for oral care in general and their Extreme Whitening Mouthwash in Mint tastes yummy and does all the brightening with none of the scary stuff.  Instead they use Neem and Charcoal (from coconuts!).  

It is so hard to find a dry shampoo that doesn't make it look like you have dandruff - right?!  Which is why the Mars Sand Volumizing Adaptogenic Dry Shampoo from Luna Nectar is on my list.  It's in a shaker instead of an aerosol can, it's not white!, and it uses hair-boosting adaptogens He Shou Wu and silica-rich Horsetail adds to the health of your hair.  I wash my hair once a week so this is a must-have!

I could wax poetic about lip balm all afternoon which means that Beneath Your Mask's Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm is on my list.  I am here for a goopy squeezey situation and their ingredient deck looks delish - Organic Cocoa Butter, Beeswax and Shea Butter make up the base and it has Yuzu and Lavender Oils - just give it to me already.  

We've stopped making our Handcrafted Bar Soaps so I'm looking at what other folks have and the Aromatherapy Soaps from Anne's Apothecary have a super simple formula, are Coconut Oil-based and use essential oils and herbs to scent and color them.  Can't wait to try them! 


Want to see some of these founder's favorite goodies?  I do!  Here they are:

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