Setting Powder 101

Setting Powder - long a makeup artist's best friend this work horse doesn't have flashy colors or pretty shimmers but she's a necessary piece to keeping your makeup on all day. 

Some folks are concerned that powder will dry out their skin and make it look "creasy" or "crepey" - we hear it a lot!  That's why I chose a formula for our Aloe Setting Powder that has two ingredients - Aloe Vera Powder and Mica.  Think about what you put on a sunburn and why - generally you use Aloe Vera because it's hydrating and soothing.  That's why we use it in our powder!  Talc is generally the ingredient that dries people out and ours is talc-free which makes it a fan fave.  It's also a 1 on EWG's Skin Deep and won Sophie Uliano's Best Powder Award.  So how do you help it live its best life?

First open up the sieve so half of it is exposed so you don't get too much product.

Knock some powder out into the cap - going from the cap helps you use less vs. digging into the jar.  It also helps you control the amount of product on your brush.

Speaking of brushes - go in with your fluffy Powder Brush and pick up a "piece" of the powder - meaning a "section" of it.  Mentally divide it into quarters and address your lovely face accordingly.

This is the key part!  You want to PUSH it into your skin instead of BRUSHING it on.  ALL CAPS :)!  But it matters - pushing it in (think doing a stencil on a wall) deposits more powder onto your skin and when it meshes with your complexion product (foundation, tinted moisturizer, etc) it helps it stay longer.  Brushing gives a thinner layer and thus less staying power.  You're also not going to mess the beautiful coverage job you just did if you push vs. brush which can smear makeup.

I also vote to push your powder in first in the areas that crease up most quickly - generally under the eyes.  Our powder won't give you extra coverage - it'll set your makeup and give your skin a velvety texture - not super matte.  

Let us know if you have any setting powder questions!

xo Erin

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