Our First Open House!

Kendall, myself & Josey

We finally got to have people come inside!

Folks, it has been a doozy of a few months - while it has been amazing to have Erin's Faces out of my house for the first time in 8 years, we've had to wait on a fire alarm installation before we could let "the public" in.  And so for the last four months I've been a Sonic waitress - meeting people at, and in, their cars with their purchases, color matching by rear view mirror and having discussions about one serum vs. another over a stick shift.  All to say, I was READY to have our Open House earlier this month and wanted to share some fun pics:

Wildly Florals, my favorite local florist, came and decorated with beautiful flowers and had bouquets avail as well.  We had noshies and it was fun to have Kendall and Josey talking with clients as well instead of just me - they know a bunch!

I'm going to be honest and say I had no idea if anyone would come.  We have an amazing following online but a small one locally.  So we all decided if no one showed up we'd just fill and label products and eat the cheese plate ourselves :).  Well, nothing got filled that day I'm grateful to say - we were packed all afternoon and had an amazing time with our peeps - old and new!

We're going to continue to focus primarily on our online business but are so happy to have shop hours

Fridays 11-3

at 90 Laurel Avenue in Union, NJ 

Come and see us - we'd love to have you! 


  • bestbets

    Congratulations! Everything looks beautiful and I’m so glad you didn’t have a spare moment to fill jars!

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