New Brushes Are Here!!

Y'all I can't handle it, I'm so excited!  These new brushes are my dreams made reality - they are made with the softest hair I've ever felt for a makeup brush (which is synthetic and vegan), sustainably forested wooden handles (FSC) and are the most micro-managed brushes on the block 😂.  I went back and forth with our brush maker until each hair was exactly where I wanted it and as a result these are makeup artist quality tools that are super user friendly and easy to work with - I. Am. Obsessed!  Let's dive in - 

Erin's Faces was started with our Foundation Brush many moons ago so doing a "remake" on this brush in particular felt a little emotional.  How could I improve it?  What would make it better?  After working with our original Foundation brush for the last nine years I found myself wishing it had a little bit fuller of a head so I could get an even better buff/blend with my foundation/tinted moisturizer.  We achieved that with a bit of a longer bristle that is stout but still has give to it.  Liquid and cream formulas (blush too!) blend seamlessly into skin with our new Foundation Brush allowing for coverage or sheerness depending on what you want.  

I found myself reaching for multiple brushes when I used our Radiant Firming Concealer and decided that one brush wasn't going to cut it - I had to have two.  Our new Double Concealer Brush gives you what you never knew you needed!

  • One side is perfect for covering a blemish, getting up under the lower lashline with your concealer, carving out a brow - all of that intricate specific work. 
  • The other side is a dome shape that allows you to blur the edges of your concealer so it disappears into your skin.

Again, it allows you to pack it on or sheer it out, depending on your desired coverage.

Our Powder Brush was a passion project for me - I feel like Goldilocks with most powder brushes - some are too full, some are too stiff, some are too scratchy - this one is just right.  It's the perfect amount of fluff and it has a secret weapon - it's tapered.  

I always used to squeeze powder brushes to make them thinner when I would go under the eyes to set concealer or pat in powder around the nose OR grab another, smaller, brush.  Because the head is a little "pointy" you can get right in those places without messing your makeup up and it works beautifully for the rest of your face too!  You can use it with loose or pressed powders for the face, bronzers and even blushes.  

For our new Eyeliner Brush I wanted a little bit of a smaller size so you can get right up to the lash line with a super soft brush head - I've used so many brushes that are scratchy and that's a no-go for me in general but it's just unacceptable when we're talking about your eyes!  This brush is super precise and allows for awesome tightlining, cat eyes, wings and more.  

Can't decide?  We sell them all in our Brush Set with a cute black canvas bag that our graphic designer, Kristin, made for us showing our new goodies - I love it!  

I'll come out with some videos soon to show you how I work with these brushes - I know you're going to love them!!





  • Erin's Faces

    Thank you Lexa!! I’m so happy you like them!! And great questions:

    Cleaning – I would say once a week is ideal – more often if you want a super clean brush but once a week is important for “wet” item brushes (Foundation/Concealer). If you have an “open” blemish and use a brush on it you’ll want to wash that brush immediately.

    Product to clean – I am a fan of using our castile washes or our Soothing Aloe Cleanser – those items get things super clean but don’t strip the brush fibers. You can also use dish washing soap. This post/video shares how to wash them:

    Hope that helps! xo

  • Lexa

    I love these brushes – all of them!! They’re so soft and work just like you’ve described above. One question – maintenance. How often do you need to clean them? And what product should you use so they last a long time time? Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Erin

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