Memorial Day Must-Haves


Folks - we get to see one another's mouths again!  How exciting is that?!!  I would usually kick this off with some SPF and mosquito repellent practicality (and please believe, we'll do that) but I'm going to say that according the the mass amounts of folks having BBQs in their backyards with friends in the last week that your lips are going to be on display and we want to make it count!  


Our Fruit Smoothie Lip Glosses are perfect for a neutral soft lip or a pop of color, depending on the shade you choose.  They're loaded with organic ingredients, aren't sticky, feel like lip balm and come in a glass tube.  They are bringing me so much happiness right now and the feedback has been incredible!  And they're so seasonal - strawberries are happening right now - it's all the things!

Okay, left brain time - SPF - you gotta do it.  Every day.  1/3-1/2 of a tsp on your face and if you're in the sun in a backyard you need to reapply and/or wear a hat.  The you in the year 2035 will thank me, I promise.  I use our Peptide SPF 30 on my face/neck/chest every day and then I hit my arms/hands with our Mineral SPF 32 for Body if my arms are exposed and I'll be outside (and yes, in your car counts).

This one is a must - our Deet-Free Mosquito & Tick Repellent gets sprayed head to toe at our house, and on our pooch Jasper.  You'll need to reapply every couple of hours - just shake and spray.  You don't have to worry about eating Deet while you inhale a burger off the grill, you'll smell delicious and the bugs will steer clear!

So let's say you have not heeded my advice and have skipped the sunscreen and the bug spray (or forgot to reapply one of them) - you are sunburned and covered in bug bites and potentially a burn from reaching too fast for that burger - we've got you.  Our Tamanu Oil is excellent at soothing ouchy skin and is perfect for kiddos, pooches and adults alike.  

Have a fun Memorial Day!!

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