5 Steps to Transition Your Skincare from Winter to Spring

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Spring officially starts this month and it's always a fun game of "what does my skin need right now??" when the seasons change.  Here are five things you can do that will make your face super happy:

 1 - Exfoliate

We need to get rid of the dry, dead skin, and thanks to tons of cold weather and heavy product buildup, we've got it in spades right now.  No problem - we can whisk it all away!  You can use a physical (scrubby) or a chemical (acid) exfoliant, but it needs to happen - STAT.

facial exfoliants


2 - Switch to a gel-based cleanser

If you have combination skin you may have flipped to a cream or oil-based cleanser for the winter.  Now might be the time to get back into gel cleanser land.  It doesn't need to strip the paint of the wall but gel-based cleansers can do a better job at lifting impurities/sweat/pore cloggers that build up in warmer weather.

soothing aloe cleanser


3 - Swap your moisturizer/serum for something lighter

If you've been using a balm or an oil you might flip to a water-based product.  Our skin isn't having to work as hard to hang on to moisture since winter isn't sucking the life out of us and, as such, you can use something lightweight. 

silk cream and rose quench serum bottles


4 - Get Back to Daily SPF

Not that you ever stopped 😬 but if you did, get back on the horse please.  Your UVA/UVB exposure is more simply becasue the days are literally longer as well as outdoor activities start to happen.  And 90% of aging is due to sun damage (fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity) so there's that.  

peptide spf 30


5 - Go Through Your Stuff

If you've got skincare from last summer it's nearly time to toss it.  Most skincare has a one year shelf life, and that's best-case scenario.  This applies to last summer's lip glosses and tinted moisturizers too.  If you didn't make a dent in it, think about why - did it get left in a random toiletry bag OR are you just not that into it?  Remember the answer when you're making new purchases which tend to happen in the spring.  


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