Greeting Cards Launch!

So you might be asking, why is a beauty brand coming out with greeting cards?  I'm so happy to tell you!

My history with stationery is LONG and loyal - it all started in Benzonia, Michigan on a trip to Gwen Frostic Prints on a vacation when I was young.  Inside this magical shop, which looked like cave on the inside and you could see the printing presses running, you could (and still can!) choose from hundreds of designs to build your own stationary set.  I delighted in deciding between the pink butterfly and the orange one, the bird or the deer, as all were local flora and fauna from the area.  I thoughtfully would put my sets together and then, when it was time to write to someone, I thought long and hard about which card was right for them - were they a tree, a flower or a sand dune?  I loved writing notes and sending them off as I knew how much fun it was to get a letter in the mail when my grandmother or a friend would send one to me.  

Later I had dalliances with fancier brands who employed gold foil, embossing and used card stock so thick you could stop a door.  I also delved into vintage card sets that had "Get Well Soon" cards amongst birthday and congratulatory offerings.  But I always returned to my Gwen Frostic cards as I felt at home there no matter what.

My husband and I share stacks of letters we've written over the years and anyone in my family can tell you I love sitting down on Christmas to write out my thank you notes.  At my wedding we wrote notes to each attendee where I listed three qualities I loved about that person and why I was happy they were there as our favors (on Gwen Frostic cards).  I LOVE LETTERS Y'ALL.  

Can I tell you how incredibly fancy I felt with these postcards?!  They had pictures, our logo and everything!

When it came to Erin's Faces, for the first couple of years, I would hand-write a thank you note to each client complete with a list of products purchased and how I thought they would work for them.  As we grew that became harder to do so I sent a pre-printed postcard with each purchase (see above).  Now, we'd be a Hallmark store if we did that but we still write "thank you!" at the top of each packing slip and if I'm checking orders I always will write hello to folks I know on the slip.   

As Erin's Faces has grown people have generously begun giving our products as gifts - and while the notes that they write are sometimes short and to the point they're sometimes so heartfelt that we'll all stop working and read them aloud and occasionally wipe a tear away.  I wanted to provide something that would honor those sentiments and that generosity of spirit.  


We started with a beautiful creamy white card stock printed on post consumer recycled material that feels luxurious and chose illustrations from our products.  St. Louis artist, Kristin Martin, is our graphic artist and every time I look at our packaging I'm so grateful I didn't know about clip art when we started!  She has created works of art that are beautiful enough to stand on their own and I'm so glad they can now!  We also did our signature title style from our products for each card - it's another part of the process that takes a ton of time as each letter is manipulated by hand to make it fit, but that's what makes it special.  I had a super clear picture in my head when this idea came to me a few months ago and I'm tickled with the result. 

Obvious choices were Thank You, Happy Birthday and Congratulations but the Thinking of You was a nod back to those vintage card sets - it could be sent because someone has been under the weather or just because you want them to feel cared for.  So we have the four cards above that come individually as well as in a set.

Then we've also got Mother's Day and Father's Day options too - so fun!

Is there anything better than pulling your mail out of the box and seeing a card in there?!  I always get so excited and wonder who it's from, what it says, what I did to deserve such a treat.  Now you can add a card to your purchase or buy them on their own.  I hope you love them as much as I do!  Click HERE to see the options all together.  


  • Erin's Faces

    Donia – yay for pen pals! That’s so fun that you still have some cards from so long ago – I love it! And yes, the store is one of my favorite stores on the planet. I love Kristen’s designs too and am so glad we can share them in this new way :).

    Bestbets – Thank you so much!! I’m so happy we have them :).

    Francesca – Yay! Thank you! I think you’ll love them :)

  • Donia

    As one of my favorite pen pals for decades now I have to say I always loved your Gwen Frostic cards & I still have 2 of those little folios they came in (from when you gifted me some stationary back in HS) that I keep stickers and little oddments in to add to my correspondence… It’s fun to see pics of the store – I had no idea.

    Anyway, I think this is a fabulous idea and Kristin’s designs are so lovely. 💗

  • bestbets

    They are beautiful, Erin! I, too, love gorgeous cards on great paper, as well as sending and receiving them! What a wonderful addition to your store!

  • Francesca

    I love this!!! I have always loved writing letters and cards/ can’t wait to snag a couple!!

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