Fruit Smoothie Glosses on Ladies

I got to create my dream lip gloss with our Fruit Smoothie Lip Glosses!  They feel like a lip balm, as they're full of awesome hydrators, but are shiny like a gloss.  They're not sticky and they have great longevity and color payoff.  They come in recyclable glass tubes and are made with Organic Strawberries!

When it came to colors I wanted to do shades that would truly look flattering on a variety of skin tones.  Named after different varieties of strawberries, here they are on a number of our beautiful clients to show how they read:

EARLIGLOW is a sheer peachy golden shimmer - it's a great soft shade on its own or it can give a little shimmer and shine to any of your fave lipstick shades.  We spent a lot of time finding the balance of giving it enough shimmer but not too much, if that makes sense.  

I wanted a sheer warm orangey brown for every day and DAYBREAK ended up being perfect - it's the perfect amber shade and doesn't go cool at all.  On this one we worked with adding the perfect hit of warmth to this shade.

Next came JEWEL, whose name was chosen by Instagram & Facebook!  I wanted a proper strawberry shade - that warm pink with a hit of red balanced with cool-toned shimmer - that cool shimmer gives it more wearability since it gives it some balance.  You can do a light application for a berry stain or build it for a fully saturated pout!

"I'm looking for a great pinky brown gloss" - I can't tell you how many times I used to hear that when I worked in stores back in my retail days - ladies love a pinky brown!  And so do I but, again, I wanted it to be balanced (that word again!) - a little warm, a little cool, very "just right" Goldilocks style.  And out of that came SONATA which is a fantastic every day shade that can build up to be a stronger lip but will always be in the neutral family due to the shade's undertones.  

As a makeup artist I always need to have a "pop" color in my kit and EROS is that for me - a cool-toned hot pink that pulls a whole look together in the easiest way possible - yes please!  Again, you can go sheer or full out - whatever is your style.

I hope this helps share what the colors look like on different folks - let us know if you have any questions!


  • Erin's Faces

    Thank you so much Carole!! I appreciate that a lot! xo

  • Carole Soden

    I really appreciate all of the time that you put into this. It really is helpful.

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