DIY Hair Color During Quarantine

Y'all - I couldn't handle my roots any more so my wonderful hair dresser, Grey Wolf, gave me my formula (as he is fully aware that I have no interest in doing this by myself on the regular) and so here is my attempt at a proper color job that I roped my husband into too :).


  • Erin's Faces

    Jessie – thank you lady! That’s very kind! Love to you and Betsy xo

    Lynn – ha! Thank you very much! And yes, big props to Daniel lol xo

  • Jessie Steiner

    This video made me love you two even more!! Great team work and I always love when you do a video describing your DIY projects!! Hope you guys are doing well in all of this craziness!! Sending love and hugs!!

  • Lynn Ten Broeck

    This gave me life! I giggled the whole way through! The bathtub was hysterical but props to your husband, he did a great job and you look beautiful!!!

  • Erin’s Faces

    Jessica – aww, thank you!!

  • Erin’s Faces

    Diana – thank you so much!

    Krell – most stylists won’t do it – agreed – we followed the timelines he uses in the salon and that’s why he mixes two separate batches of color and doesn’t mix it all up at the beginning. I wouldn’t have gotten mad at him if it hadn’t worked out – it wouldn’t be fair to compare my neophyte skills to his 😂

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