Should I Be Satisfied Not Being Represented In Beauty? Episode 4 with Afshawn Ostowari


Afshawn Ostowari (@rayofsilver on IG) has been an Erin’s Faces client for years and I’m so excited to have her on the show! We discuss her experience growing up Indian in her Persian family, her dry skin makeup must-haves for glowy skin, and I ask her a lot of inappropriately prying questions about her theoretical engagement because I love weddings!

Our email question (43:00) is about what two things you can do for aging skin right now.

Call Outs from the Episode:
The Body Shop’s Mango Body Butter
Vapour Beauty Velvet Glow Foundation
Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation
Erin’s Faces Radiant Firming Concealer 
Erin’s Faces Aloe Powder
Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Night Serum
Eye Cream How-To Video

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