Should I Have Lighter Skin? Episode 3 with Dawn Konofaos


I’m so excited for this week’s guest!  Dawn Konofaos is a visual artist and baker who makes the most beautiful cakes.  Dawn and I had a candid conversation about colorism, racism, the history of both and how they have affected her life as a dark-skinned Black woman.  We spoke a couple of weeks ago so this is a timely episode.

Our email question (50:00) is about easy lip color options that are a step up from clear lip balm.

Call Outs from the Episode:
Alevri & Co
Jane Elliot’s 1968 experiment with blue vs. brown eyed children 
Kristen Griffith VanderYacht
The Big Flower Fight on Netflix
History of Ghettos
Food Deserts 
Fair Trade Tinted Lip Balms - individual or set

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