4 Reasons to Wear Sunscreen in the Winter

white woman sipping coffee wearing a snow hat and fleece, surrounded by snow covered tables overlooking the sun rise over a snowy mountain

Winter is here, and while you may be cozying up in your oversized sweaters and sipping on hot cocoa, don't be fooled into thinking your sunscreen can hibernate too! That's right, my loves, the sun's rays are still playing hide-and-seek, even in the coldest of seasons. Let me sprinkle some knowledge glitter on why your sunscreen is still your BFF this winter.

  1. Clouds Can't Shield Everything: Just because the sun plays peek-a-boo behind winter clouds doesn't mean it's off-duty. UV rays are like those dedicated friends who show up uninvited to every party. They penetrate through clouds, and before you know it, they're photobombing your winter selfies. A broad-spectrum sunscreen becomes your invisible shield, blocking those rays even on the cloudiest days. It's your secret weapon against premature aging and those sunspots that have no business showing up unannounced.

  2. Winter Winds and Chapped Dreams: Winter winds can be harsh on your delicate skin, and if you're not careful, your face might end up feeling like sandpaper. Sunscreen acts as a protective barrier, preventing windburn and maintaining your skin's hydration. Think of it as a cozy blanket for your face, shielding it from the elements and keeping it as soft as a cloud.

  3. Snow Glow, Not Snow Burn: You might not be basking on a tropical beach, but winter has its own reflective charm – snow! Snow reflects sunlight, doubling your exposure to those sneaky UV rays. Ever heard of a snow tan? Yeah, me neither. Let's keep it that way. Slather on that sunscreen to ensure your winter glow stays luminous without the unwanted redness.

  4. Altitude Attitude: Planning a winter getaway to the mountains for some skiing or snowboarding? Well, the higher the altitude, the closer you get to the sun. With every thousand feet, UV radiation increases. So, if you're hitting the slopes, slather on that sunscreen to protect your skin from the heightened UV exposure. Remember, you're not just conquering the mountain; you're conquering potential hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles too!

bottle of erin's faces peptide spf 30 on a mirror with greenery in the background

Need a sunscreen?  Our Peptide SPF 30 is one of our top-sellers, even in the winter!, as it acts as a lightweight moisturizer, rejuvenating serum and sunscreen all-in-one.


Remember sunscreen isn't just for hot days and swimsuits; it's a year-round commitment to protecting your skin. So, embrace your winter skincare routine with open arms and a dollop of SPF (preferably a 1/4 tsp sized dollop). Your skin will thank you!


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  • Nancy

    Its not cold everwhere – I live in Florida and the sun is still hot here in winter. I wear Erin’s Faces Peptide sunscreen every day and its an important step in my skincare routine.

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