3 Ways to Use Rosewater

We get asked how to use our Rosewater Tonic quite a lot and so I wanted to share the top three ways I love to use it - 

As a Toner

After you wash your face you can give a spritz to your skin or apply with a reusable cotton round - you'll get three main benefits:
  • remove dirt & dead skin cells (if used with reusable cotton round)
  • ease redness & challenges that come with rosacea per this study
  • allow serums/moisturizers to perform at their best

When skin is damp/wet our lotions and potions are more readily absorbed and, as such, are more efficacious.  So, instead of applying them to a dry, clean face, a damp one is more ideal to get the best bang for your buck out of your products.

To Cool Down in the Summer & Hydrate in the Winter


I remember going to the theme park Astroworld in Houston when I was a kid.  It was hot as heck and we would be roasting as we walked around in between rides.  Every so often you'd hit a water mist that was there to cool folks down - it was MAGICAL.  I feel the same way about the battery-operated fans that spray water at you.  Rosewater in a spray is like the grown-up version of that.

We have a 2 oz travel/purse size and in the summer it cools you down immediately and smells amazing (whipping one out at a softball game will make you instant friends!).  In the winter it delivers massive hydration to skin dried out from heaters.  It truly gives year-round benefits!

Also - if you're having hormonal hot flashes it is a must-have.  Just saying.

To Set Your Makeup

Back in college I took Theatre Makeup 101 and after carefully applying our old age contour/highlights and powdering them we were instructed to mist our faces with water.  The powder from the makeup and the water itself helped "bind" to one another in order to keep the makeup on under hot stage lights while wearing heavy costumes.  

Time has passed and makeup setting sprays have become a "thing" but most contain alcohol and are not meant for every day use as a result - not so with our Rosewater Tonic as it is alcohol-free!  After you're done with your makeup just spritz a few times all over the face and, voila!, you have extended the life of your makeup!


  • Erin's Faces

    Yay Leslie! That makes me so happy – I’m so glad that it works so well for you – thanks for sharing! xo

  • Leslie Ruppert

    I have been using this product to set my makeup for at least 3 years. Replaced the “dirty” Urban Decay makeup setting spray. Works wonderfully with the added benefits of clean moisture.

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