4 Tips for Body Hydration

You're itchy, flaky and just DRY - this might be your skin in general and winter just brings it on full force.  Here are four tips that can make major changes in how your body feels:


If you're using soap that you bought in bulk at Costco it's potentially stripping your skin and drying you out.  You can use bar soaps but I'd opt for milder ones like these from Osmia or these from Honeybee Gardens.  If you're using a body wash with sulfates look for one that's sulfate-free (sulfates can strip too) like a castile wash.  We have a lavender one and a sage/lemongrass one that are delightful!

try these:


If you're SUPER dry you can use a scrub on dry skin (just hop in the shower and hit it and then turn the water on).  Otherwise, do your normal shower routine and then finish up with a body scrub.  Oil-based options are going to leave you more nourished than those that rinse squeaky-clean.  You also might want to lower your water temp (I know, I know) as hot water isn't doing you any favors right now either.  Clocking in at five ingredients in each, our Chocolate and our Peppermint Sugar Body Scrubs both use an Organic Sunflower and Coconut Oil base which leaves skin happy post-shower.

try these:



This one takes a minute to wrap your head around but once you flip to it you'll never go back.  Instead of hopping out of the shower, toweling off and then using your body moisturizer try this - stay in the shower with the door/curtain closed (so you don't get cold) and apply your moisturizer while your body is still soaking wet - no towel is happening.  I know.  It's wierd.  But it works.  You do have to hang out in your bathroom naked for a while as you dry off but it is what it is.  When I'm wanting something simple I reach for our Shea Butter Body Balm and when I want to have something really emollient I grab our Valencia Orange Body Butter.  I find butters in jars work better than lotions with a pump when I'm really dry.  And yes, you can towel off when you're mostly dry but let your moisturizer and the water be friends and they'll work better.

try these:


You can use a body oil as your moisturizer or, in the dryest of moments, I will top my body butter with an oil and flakes don't stand a chance!  Because they're occlusive, oils seal everything in and push that body butter into your skin and deliver their own fatty acid benefits - it's magical!  You can opt for a fancy body oil, this one from May Lindstrom is beautiful!, but I find I return to our Argan, Tamanu and Monoi Tiare Oils time and time again.  I lean to Argan when I'm super dry, Monoi Tiare when I need a hit of summer and Tamanu when I've got ouchies.  

try these:

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