3 Skincare Products to Compliment your Tamanu Oil

If you like our Tamanu Oil we think you'll love our our:

  • Tamanu Balm Barrier Salve
  • Clarifying Green Clay Mask
  • Clarifying Serum 



  • Erin's Faces

    Deana – great question! The residue of what he would get on his hands should be totally okay if he puts his hands in his mouth after touching his cheeks – the same as any product you’d use. We have lots of moms who use the Tamanu Balm Barrier Salve on their baby’s face and haven’t had an issue but we do rec doing a patch test for allergies first as well as consulting with your pediatrician as they know your baby best. Thanks for asking!

  • Deana

    Hi Erin! My baby grandson has some really dry red cheeks (the face ones!) and we’ve not been able to find anything that helps. I have the tamanu balm, and was wondering if you think it is safe. I know you’re not really supposed to ingest tamanu. Since he’s a baby, he shoves everything in his mouth, including his hands. Of course they also touch his face. His toys and pacifier touch his face. That’s what my concern is. What do you think? Have you known others to use it on babies’ faces?

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